Wednesday, May 2, 2018

All for Love

I do love a pretty graphic.....Papaya arts.  This carries my sewing supplies.

So....I've been sewing.  Last week a new coat and this week a ruffled skirt for a special about to be four year old.   I'm in love with my new serger but I also have a healthy respect for the learning  curve to I'm not sure I will be trying to serge these round seams with gathers. But I did use it to make a nice clean side seam.  It's a thing of beauty and so easy and neat.

Here's the pattern  chose and three pretty pink fabrics.  I have to say ruffles are a bit fussy....

But in the end I think I did a pretty good job!  Now off to find a peasant blouse to compliment this cute little skirt.  I had to ask where the rick rack was kept at the fabric store and the first young gal had no idea what I rick rack that dated?

I also managed an earring session and finished up a pendant I started when I was in New Orleans. update, the little birthday girl in her skirt!

I've always loved this button and it was time to put it to good use.  The pendant is of course reversible, but I didn't capture the other side so you'll have to take my word for it.

Three pairs of earrings, two with bezeled rivolis, one with a chaton top and a pave teardrop and the other with beautiful chalcedony, a beautiful type of quartz. I've been hoarding them forever, so time to put them to use.

The third pair are bead embroidery thanks to friend Sherry Serafini whose pattern this is.  I used my own buttons and added some chain and used a bigger cup chain, but the design work all belongs to the brilliance of Sherry.

So that is all the fun I've indulged in and now it's time for a little more mundane....sewing curtains for the airstream.  Tomorrow I will cut out and stitch a prototype before embarking on the eight panels required.  I hope I'll be showing you the hung curtains next week.  The fabric is subdued but elegant and was a marital compromise as are most things airstream related.

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