Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Makes

Well I've been beading, sewing and knitting, and not blogging.  So let me show you what I've been up to.   We'll categorize the various disciplines....I am all over the map and never quite sure what I'll feel like working on for a given day.

This is a pendant that I made reversible, but truth is I don't love the coloration on the reverse side, so it's kind of a moot point.  It's in process here waiting to have chain added to the bottom.  I did finish it up when I got home.  I was beading this one while at the Albuquerque balloon fiesta this past October.

Here are a sweet pair of earrings using the same technique but 1/2 the square and much daintier.

Early November I made a trip to New York to surprise my friend Miriam at a class she was giving.  The two beautiful components on the bottom are her design and the appetite stone came from Beads by Blanche.  I bead embroidered it and finished off with some chain.  There are matching earrings with no photo handy at the moment.

I love these new Tierra Cast drops so I made up a pair of CRAW cubes using 4mm pearls and crystals suspended from chain.  Easy and elegant and I love how the drop adds such texture and drama.

Next on the earring front I used the hubble bezel from my Bella earrings and changed up the bottom with a CZ drop and some straight chain.

Finally on the earring front, inspired by a kit I bought from the great Sherry Serafini, and using what I learned, I made some bigger and bolder earrings.  I love wearing these ones.

Moving onto knitting.....While air streaming the Oregon  Coast this year I tucked into a sweet little yarn shop in Cannon Beach.  I purchased this Urth yarn and did a hitchhiker with an added row of eyelet, a great knit and so fun to wear.

Finishing that up I began work on Michele Hunters Building Lace with nine different lace panels.  I used Rylie, a linen alpaca blend which is so soft, and just the right amount of weightiness.  Over 60,000 stitches later, with the addition of size 6 beads on every panel, and seven weeks of time, this one is finished and has been worn.  It's a dream.  The pattern has a lot of information, so if you've wanted to try lace and were intimidated this is a great pattern.  Michele's website also has a lot of video assist tutorials for the various techniques you'll encounter.

With Building Lace off the needles it was time to cast on this years Project Peace Cowl from Christina Campbell.  I'm using Lazer Sheeps sport weight in Dove Grey from my LYS South Park Dry Goods.

Then there is sewing....This is a tunic by Tina Givens in a white linen, it's ok.....

Then another Tina Given jacket, called Peplone.  This time I had help.  I found myself a sewing teacher and am beginning to learn things to help make truly wearable garments.  The patch on back I did by collaging some royalty free images I liked and then printed them on organza. It's a product called ExtravOrganza by Jacquard.

It's pretty wearable and I like it a lot.

This is my prototype of a lined jacket Clare, by Closet Case.  It came out pretty good (with lot's of help).  I've since done one in a rose gold metallic brocade from Mood.  It's my best garment yet, but I don't have a decent photo.  I will share soon.

My last show and tell for sewing are these potholders.  The first one is from a panel of fabric from the ghoulies series, and the second is a set I made grand daughter Sam for her first grown up apartment.  My mother in law always made potholders until she became too ill and so I had a big potholder void. You just cannot purchase a potholder as good as one you can make.

So that is almost all my makes for the last half of the year in one place.  I also finished Mark's sweater vest, but alas no photos of that either.  Now off to finish up a new beaded pendant for teaching next year at the Heart of Texas Bead retreat in June next year.  Yes, I am retired.....but I still enjoy seeing my bead colleagues and students so I accept 2 to 4 engagements per year.

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