Sunday, December 31, 2000

Portland and the PBS

I am teaching for the Portland Bead Society which is truly wonderful. Karen who I have met several times in the past,

came to class wearing a beautiful example of Amphora.

A brown iris, dark ruby and olivine color combination which was wonderful.

I love seeing how people have interpreted the pieces in the book.

This was a two day class and Linda came day one and was a speed beader in the crowd, finishing two rings. Unfortunately Linda was ill for day two but she was able to call on her sister Darlene to sit in on day two.

How wonderful to share a beading passion with your sister.

Carmen, a PBS board member, using her own colors did a beautiful color way, closing her ring with a two mm light gold metallic crystal and embellished with bronze shade loch rosen. Gorgeous.

It's been a great two days. Tomorrow...portico bracelet.

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