Sunday, December 31, 2000

I love Holland

I love braving the elements, which made Mark laugh as it's not so brave....but I do love the rain and the wind. We ventured off to Alkmaar today where I hadn 't been.

The usual bus route was not available because of roadwork, which tried my language skills as I deciphered where to go. Tvee kaartjes naar Hoorn Station alstablief?

Alkmaar was charming as promised, starting with een copje koffie met caramel and slag room (whipped creme)

we walked in the city centre and I quickly found my type of store with eclectic clothing, but being day one I found some discipline, although I may truly regret the bronze reindeer salt and pepper.

I suspect that may have been short sighted.

I did visit the Swarovski store

See a windmill

And enjoy The Dutch vignettes

Before returning to Zwaag, and the home of Angenita and Michel, where we found the secret light switch and took photos of Joris.

Tomorrow Haarlem where we lived for one year in 2004, and where there are many memories!

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