Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful weather, beautiful beads

Beautiful company, it all goes hand in hand today

Yesterday I readied the guest room which always includes as the finishing touch the personalized welcome sign on the guest room door, and this is Gabriella's

Very fitting, a glorious photo taken by Kyle Cassidy as part of the photo shoot for Kate and Jean's Contemporary Geometric Beadwork book.

Today we'll start with a walk, followed by a quick trip into Trader Joes for some food supplies. I'll be looking for easy to fix sustenance, salads to toss, fruit, grilled fish and veggies, nothing with a lot of prep, since this week is all about the beads and making good book progress.

I have lot's of conceptual ideas that need to be turned into actual beaded pieces, and Gabriella and I will be spending a lot of studio time making that happen. Yesterday Tina was here, and together we brought a piece from conceptualization to realization in just a few hours of beading together.

Beth visited Tuesday and took away some beads to work up a few components that I have a vision for. I am so grateful for the people who are willing to help me.

Gabriella first visited a few years back and had never set foot in the Pacific Ocean so I was able to be there for her 'first' dip of the toe into the Pacific. And this weeks first, a soak in the hot tub. Hopefully Mars and Venus will still be in view adding to the occasion.

Back tomorrow, in the meantime, we'll be beading!

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