Thursday, March 15, 2012

Judi Patuti

Judy has done it again! You've seen the bead mats, now she's gone and designed the cutest thread catcher, and tote, all of course with beautifully coordinated fabrics.

I see the tote hasn't quite made it to her site yet, but I'm sure it will be there soon. You are definitely going to want one, as her design excellence is clearly showing. The inside has a zipped pocket on one side, two interior pockets on the other side, all trimmed with her signature piping. The three outside pockets hold all your beading (or knitting needs) with one of them being large enough to hold the matching bead mat. The straps cleverly leave enough room to use as a shoulder bag and there are feet on the bottom to protect the cloth. Really it's pretty much a masterpiece. There are colorful ones like this one pictured, and more subdued prints, and a place for hoot should you need an owl to go along in your travels.

The thread catchers which are currently available here, went along to Beading by the Bay are also a design feat and were quickly sold out, although Judy held some in reserve for the rest of you. Minus the six that I have in my studio. I love the pin cushion, the little strap for scissors and of course the fabric.

She's clever that Judy, the pin cushion tucks into the body of the thread catcher and the whole thing can be tied up neatly for travel. I always take one along when I'm traveling with beads, after all, I've always been about having nice tools, and this is just one more. I fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) always have a first look at the new season's collection, and there is always at least one new fabric combination that I can't resist.

Judy did her first show this year in Tucson AND she'll be at Bead and Button this year. So if you are going, you'll get to meet the real Judy Patuti in person.


The bad Liz said...

I love my thread catcher! I was able to get one of the few remaining on Sunday! Tucks into a corner and shows it's wonderful lime green & turqoise colors beautifully.

A last minute splurge that I really like!

Unknown said...

WOW they are amazing!