Friday, August 31, 2012

More Traveling Bracelet news

Well not really....just an update to a promised feature.

Over there on the sidebar is a link, it will take you to the page that tracks my quest to visit with each of the twelve bracelets of the Amazing Adventures of the Traveling Bracelets.

It will keep you up to date with which ones I've had, should you choose to help me in my quest.  It also has all of the links so you can follow the travels of all of the bracelets and add you name to the list should you too want to have one in your care.

I happen to love the Paisley one pictured here but there isn't one that I don't want to visit.  They all will have their own stories, and I'll have fun reading through their travels when I do have one.  Each has a book that accompanies it, and in that book is a list of the people and places it's been.

And in case you come across a bracelet in the right time frame....well it's a big birthday this year on ten ten I'll be sixty.  I'd love a bracelet to be visiting, and two days later I will leave for the Southern Bead Retreat which I think could be an excellent outing for a bracelet, don't you?