Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ohio, one stop bead shop and friends

I arrived Thursday night and owner Lisa picked me up and we had dinner together, where we both talked non stop and became fast friends. We'd only ever met for ten minutes at Bead and Button, so it was excellent getting to spend some solid time together.

On Friday I taught Aelia and many beautiful versions showed up. The classroom was large and full of enthusiastic people. Liz came down from Detroit and helped me both days in the classroom which was a rare treat and very welcome.

Also in class was Speedy Beader Dot, who I've met at different venues over the years. Dot is an amazing beader but also a famed doll maker. I got to visit her home and be amazed by the fanciful dolls she has made. Oggi is coming home with me!

Gotta love the spandex and that snaggel tooth.

The lovely Nancy showed up in class wearing a beautiful Etruscan Treasure!

And the gang all hung out together

The bunny another of Dot's creations, along with Little Hoot, Liitle Brach and Oggi.

A fun filled weekend and home early to enjoy Sunday night with my honey, and a first class upgrade, always my favorite way to fly!


flyingbeader said...

It was the BEST!!!!!! Can't wait until next year to all met again.

Unknown said...
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