Sunday, October 28, 2012

lazy blogging

Well not too lazy, I did put together a post for the Amazing Adventures of the traveling bracelets, so I am pointing  you to that post.  I send email with tales of the bracelet and photos and Sig puts up the post.

I've had five now you know, five traveling bracelets out of, well I've lost count, San Francisco was number 13, but I think 4 more went into the world after that, so 17?   Sig?  At any rate, I'm having withdrawals, two weeks without one, ok one and a half weeks, but if you'd like to send me one, I'd love to have it.  You can read about my quest here. This is also where I document each of the bracelets I've had and provided a link back to Sig's blogposts about my visits.

Update:  Just found out through the magic of facebook, that someone I know and love, who has been known to read this blog is going to be receiving paisley.....I love paisley and I am not past begging shamelessly for it to come my way.....I'm happy to provide my address 

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