Wednesday, October 30, 2013

La Navette

La Navette, Again and Again.....well you only get to see one new one here, the other is still in progress.  I am totally in love with this purple haze navette surrounded by violet crystals with a touch of matte lavender and chrysolite ab2x in it's pale gold band.  It may just be my favorite.  Sample beaded for me by the talented Karen Firnberg!  This makes color five and I have ideas for a couple of more.  Eveline Thudt (Crystal Tinker) used red magma, with bronze and turquoise ab2x.  Her plan was to make a scalloped necklace and to use this the bezeled navette as a focal.

The one in progress is a colorway done by Petra Tismer while test beading from the German directions in preparation for helping me in the classroom.  It's very soft and vintage looking in antique silvers and matte ivories.  I finished the focal during yesterdays long flight and started the band.  I may do some beading on it today.

I've given myself the day off but as always happens with re-entry into one's normal life, there are bank trips and grocery trips and a rental car that needs to be returned.  It was quicker to drive home from LAX rather then waiting for a five hour layover.  

While on my European tour I did manage one small bit of beadwork, a third duomos romanticos.  A pretty colorway for those who prefer gold.

I'm off to make tea and settle into a day of beading in the studio, I think it is just what I need!


Suzan said...

Absolutly Lovely!!

Rita said...

the La Navette and the duomos romanticos are beautiful! Look like fun projects!