Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bead and Button Bead Camp

I designed this specifically for this years Bead and Button show Bead Camp.  Why?  Because I am in love with Cubic Right Angle Weave and the way it curves so gracefully and creates angles so beautifully.  The bottom pendant is similar to the bottom of Vienna and the concept was part of the past years masters class.

Vienna however is not for the faint of heart, although I will say 20 people totally rocked it a Crystal Creations recently.  But I do like to provide a somewhat simpler project, especially for bead camp where the emphasis will be on learning and fun.

So I used the Pacific Morning Glory component, also part of the master class and put together this fun pendant.
Sun Dial Pendant
The sundial starts with a ladder stitch, where all the beads are placed on the thread and then picked off. I am always surprised by how many people have not done ladder stitch this way.  It has the distinct advantage of filling the holes in the beads with less thread which in this case is important as they are  used again.  The sundial also introduces the concept of placing beads between the spokes of ndebele, something that is often done, but if you've not done it before then a bit more learning is introduced.

Which brings me to my point....I like when project and process meet.  I always tell folks who are beginning or wanting to improve their beading to spend time building their fundamental skills.

I hope that Bead Camp will be that opportunity.  Sessions are May 28 - 31st.  There is a different project each day and you can sign up for any or all or any combination.  The day will be spent on the project and the evening will be spent in the classroom with me.  We can discuss technique, finish up projects, trouble shoot design variations, or just relax and bead together.

A Touch of  Whimsy

Pacific Morning Glory
I'll also teach two brand new classes during  show week in case Bead Camp doesn't fit your schedule!

If you are local to Milwaukee, better yet, you don't have to adjust your travel schedule and this will be a wonderful opportunity to go beyond a day of classroom learning.  All of the projects are pretty doable, so you will have finished projects well within your reach.  There will also be plenty of times to explore variations which is something that all of these projects lend themselves to.  Two Cassandras would make an excellent choker, extending the bands on Pacific Morning Glory makes a great necklace, A touch of Whimsy minus the resin ball makes a wonderful ring and so on.  Bead Camp has a different focus then last years master class but we will get to explore many of the same concepts together.

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