Monday, September 30, 2013


I count myself extremely fortunate that Mark and I have similar travel personalties....we both love it!  So we look forward to Saturday's trip to England, followed by Germany.

We'll be gone quite awhile so we were lucky to find a house-sitting situation that works for both parties and for Miss Maya.  It's nice to know the plants will be watered, the hot tub will remain pristine, mail will be collected and Miss Maya will be well taken care of.  Don't worry Linda, I will let the house/dog sitters know of Miss Maya's fondness for carrots.

We're off to London for 5 full days of vacation!  Followed by two new teaching venues in the Midlands and Dorset and then onto Bad Goedesberg and Das Perlament!  That is an intinerary that makes me so darn happy.

We've spent a lot of time in London, but not so much in recent years so I look forward to it.  I will spend my birthday, 61 if you must know, at Alexander Palace at the huge stitch show there.  I have wanted to go for years and the timing was right!  The day after we'll travel out to Barton Under Needwood, a thatched roof village that I can't wait to visit.  Two days of teaching followed by 3 day s of play including a visit with Kerrie Slade who I am really really excited to meet!

Dorset will be next at Stitchncraft, another first for me, but I'm already signed up for next year!  Catalog to be released soon with four new classes from me.

We'll have a long travel day over to Germany where I will be beyond excited to once again visit Das Perlament and experience the pied piper of beads Petra as well as visit with all the German gals that I've met on the Internet and beyond.

We're staying at a trendy (at least I think so from photos and descriptions) Citizen M near the Tate Modern.

Off to get the rest of the pre-trip preparations complete!

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