Monday, September 2, 2013

The designers dilemma

Or how to practice consistency.

I start out all well and good, I used a loch rosen on the first example, I used a delica on the bottom edge and a 2 mm on the top edge.  I beaded an open square and a toggle bar for the clasp.

Then onto sample two, I used a loch rosen, a delica a 2 mm crystal and then.......I was sent this exquisite clasp from Ezel findings.  The entire piece has the look of marquisite and I just absolutely could not resist using this clasp.  Ezel findings have such an attention to detail and quality and this one was the perfect fit for this bracelet.

It's not a problem really unless you intend to kit said design and then a lack of consistency makes things difficult. You end up with different price points, different supply lists, different expectations.  So it maybe this sample is just mine.  Or it may be that I bead it up again using the previously designed toggle and offer this clasp for sale for those who prefer it.  It is expensive, but I think you'll agree quality is worth paying for and I do love it in this design.


Unknown said...

Love both! Personally I would like to receive the kit/instructions for the toggle version and have use of a clasp like this as an option or variation. My 2 cents. I don't see it as inconsistent, just another option! Beautiful bracelets!

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Both options are beautiful!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Gail, the issue from the designers perspective is if I show this version,people rightfully thing this clasp is in the kit.....but it won't be unless the kit costs a lot I have to have a sample of the kit version and a sample of the alternative version, clasp for sale.....or I have to have two different kinds of inventory which costs a lot of money.

adhd neurofeedback said...
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Undecidedcrafter said...

Not to mention that depending on the change made you have to alter kit instructions to allow the change (e.g. change in size due to the clasp added, different method of attachment etc).

I can't imagine there will be too much drama so long as there's some way of distinguishing that the clasp is optional.

Both are lovely in any case :)