Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New kits from MadDesigns

Every once in awhile I design something simple to create, but beautifully elegant.  The Woven Pearls bracelet is just that.  In four colors, with a simple bamboo magnetic clasp to compliment the palette, this is a nice piece.  If you haven't done cubic right angle weave, it is a rather meditative stitch and starting with pearls and crystals is a great way to learn.  If you have then you might just appreciate all the parts being put together for you along with an easy to follow set of directions.

This is one I gift to friends of mine who might appreciate a bit of beadwork, but prefer their jewelry to have a classic feel.  Sorry this color palette was a gift and is not yet available!  If you like it, let me know, it could be....

Also new on marciadecoster.com are kits for three of the projects from the book!

After many years of Tiffany Blue packaging I've changed things up and am happy with this fresh new approach!  Hope you like it.

I'll be traveling, but Mark will be here in charge of the store while supplies last!  He's busy kitting projects for our European and Japan travels this fall, so when these kits run out there may be a delay in restocking them.


Terry from Alaska said...

I just got my kit for Spin City- I love the colors for real. They are so me. I am very pleased! I think I would be good starter colors for the Rings of Saturn Necklace someday. Maybe you'll kit using these colors. Thinking this direction in color for the leaf slide-we'll see; but the colors are awesome!

Nancy said...

The new packaging is wonderful, but the goodies inside are spectacular! Thank you for the kit. They save me hours trying to gather all the needed supplies.
Blessings, Nancy

Apolonia said...

Your kits are very beautiful!

Apolonia said...

Your kits are very beautiful!