Saturday, September 28, 2013

The new La Navette

I am in love with the drama of this cuff, it's big and bold and it gets noticed!  It's also pretty doable, which has become my latest quest.  I am liking projects that are challenging enough for the intermediate beader so as not to bore them,  but that are also with most everyone's grasp with a little fortitude.

Then I like it to be manageable within a couple of days so it can be worn.  It is nice that there are teachable moments along the way where process meets project and you can impart some knowledge that comes in handy to the beaders who have come to learn your piece.

I like for it to be wearable and decorative, sometimes romantic, sometimes bold depending on color choices this very same cuff can be either.

The original gold version is rather Bollywood 'ish' don't you think?

And here it is in cool silvers and blue with a silver shade navette.

I'll be teaching it at Das Perlament in Bad Goedesberg in October and then at Beads by Blanche in New Jersey in November.  Also in New Jersey are Quattro Cupole and Pacific Morning Glory!

Quattro Cupole is brand new and destined to be a favorite.  The hint of color you see in the necklace is done using a modified raw stitch where the colored bead is placed between the silver peanuts as it is stitched.  A wonderful square snap beneath a fourth cupola (therefore the Quattro) makes an excellent closure.

Pacific Morning Glory has one of my favorite features in jewelry, it's reversible.  A rather clever clasp means each side can be done in distinctly different colors and it can be worn with either side showing.  This past weekend at Crystal Creations there were lot's of magical color ways!  A personal favorite was rose gold.  Light metallic gold and vintage rose was also wonderful as was Lori's blue and silver.

I also have lot's of variations to offer!  Pacific Morning Glory makes a great ring, a stunning necklace and dramatic earrings.  Come see me at Blanche's!


Unknown said...

My favorite colorway for the La Navette is the gold, which is pretty funny for me, since I'm definitely a silver girl.
I love the Quattro Cupole! That is such an elegant look!

Peikkonen said...

I love the golden Navette, pink and green is one of my favorite combos.

Rita said...

Love it. My favorite is the silver and blue one. I love the Quattro Cupole looks like a fun necklace to make!