Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easily Elegant Earring Kits!

I released Easily Elegant as a free pattern on the sidebar and many have taken advantage of making these fun earrings.  If you don't have a ready made stash of crystals and pearls and ear wires and chain, I've put together a kit of all of those things.  The bottom drop is a pretty, specially coated Swarovski teardrop crystal and some bali beads provide a really finished look.

The first pair to be offered are these really neutral ones, but more colors are planned.  This is my go to earring when I want a bit of beadwork but I don't want it to compete with my other beaded jewelry.

The are done with cubic right angle weave, so they are a great place to start if you've wanted to learn.

Directions are not in the package, you will need to use the free directions on the blog side bar.  Kits are available on the website here.

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