Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Beading with Friends

Are you lucky enough to have a group of beaders you can bead with, who encourage and support one another, provide valuable feedback, have good laughs and can help you out with stash when required?  I am that lucky and in recent months I've been missing in action.

Although 'retired' it seems my 4 engagement per year rule got all heaped into the first part of the year, along with planning a wedding and purchasing a new airstream…and life once again became to busy.

Ever notice it's easy to say 'too busy' but then we wast time with this or that and piddle a good part of the day away.  I remember hearing the term, weapons of mass distraction and the internet can certainly be that.

Well today I decided that I'm going to go bead with friends.  Part of what I need to do is bead so it will be perfect.  I'm never quite as productive while socializing, but it's always worth it.

First up is finishing the head piece for my daughters wedding.  It's within  inches of being done and it's so pretty!

Then I need to finish a second sample of Ancient Bells.  These kits will be at Bead and Button, so I need a sample.  I find people really like to see the actual piece and not just a photo.

Speaking of Bead and Button, I've finished all the kits I'm teaching and am working on extras for Meet the Teachers night.  All classes are full with the exception of on lonely seat in the Tuesday Sprocket class.  I hope some takes it because I love sprockets, one of my all time favorite pieces to wear.  I won't be selling class kits, but I will have some Ancient Bells, some Duomos Romanticos, some Laylas, and the infamous silver white  Romanticas.  If I'm lucky there will be some Touch of Whiimsy's as well!

And now off to pack my beads for Beading with Friends day!

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The bad Liz said...

I wish I lived closer. We could giggle and bead....