Monday, May 18, 2015

I've made earrings

I have short hair and I love earrings, to making my own was kind of a natural.  I love that I can play with color in a small place, as well as different stitches and with just a little bit of time I can have something new to wear.

Sometimes I'm motivated by a new outfit that has nothing to go with it.  Sometimes a pendant or bracelet I've made would like the appropriate companion piece.  I seldom so a complete match, but occasionally the same component shows up.

Santa Lucia's lacy component also makes a great earring.

I added a bit of a triangular romantica medallion for the bottom and surround the top of the pearl with seed beads so I could attach the ear wire.  I don't actually wear these two together, they're too matchy matchy for my taste, but individually they look great.

 Here is the sprocket pendant and you may recognize the earring

In this case I do actually wear them together since the pendant is worn long the earring is far enough away.  

This earring is one of my go to's for simple when I want to wear a beaded earring that has similar colors to another beaded piece of jewelry but isn't a design match.

What do you look for in a beaded earring?  Do you like them to match your piece, or just use the same colors.   Do you like long and dangly or small and subdued?

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Rita said...

Your earrings look great!