Thursday, November 12, 2015

Knitting with beads

You may have noticed over the years, when I'm not beading I'm likely knitting (and lately I've added sewing but that is another story.)

So knitting with beads combines the best of both worlds.

The pattern is Madli's stole by Nancy Bush published in the Estonian lace book.  It calls for nupps but I decided on using beads in the place of the nupps.  This is a long stole which will gradate through 6 skeins of yarn from green to fuchsia.  I've also picked a different bead for each of yarn color changes. It's fun to see this one evolve.  It's currently a little better than halfway.


Aquarius said...

The colours you mention sound amazing - look forward to seeing the finished article in all its glory!

Robbie said...

Lovely...look forward to seeing this finished. I've only made bookmarks using beads..took forever to thread the beads on the yarn! HA

Marcia DeCoster said...

I've actually got a good process with a needle and thread through the knit stitch and back through the bead and then it just slides onto the thread. Still slower than just knitting, but not bad.