Thursday, November 5, 2015

New look

I left you on my last post with the description of our travel plans.  We've been working towards 'retirement' and more travel for a few years now and this is the year that we've really begun on that journey.  With this in mind I thought it would be fitting to change my banner to this years Bead Dreams Entry called 'Journey' which was a compilation of my bead journey over time.

I am going to a very exciting party tonight and I will wear Journey.  There aren't too many occasions for a piece like this, but tonight is definitely it.  You'll have to wait until the next post to hear all about my party going.

Since the last post we've done a 30 day caravan in the Rocky Mountains and a one week stay at a local state beach, both excellent.  If you have an interested you can read about our travels on Three Mad Wanderers.

In the meantime, we're changing things up at  I am still in design mode and still wanting to share those designs, although as I have fewer bead engagements and less time devoted to kitting we've had to decide how to best move forward.  Instead of a full array of kits in multiple colors we will make five kits available at a time.  So on any given week there may be a few pale blue sprockets, a couple of pale green Santa Lucia's, and for those of you hoping, I'm going to kit the silver white Romantica soon.  When a kit is sold out, we'll put up another kit.

Kits may or may not be repeated.  This will all depend on popular demand, availability of supplies,  time to kit and whatever may be newer on the horizon.  I've been working on a series of earrings which I'll start making available as well.  Eventually we'd like to move towards making some tutorials for sale without beads.


tinybeads2004 said...

I love your work and often already have many of the beads I'd need to make one of your designs. I'm definitely interested in purchasing a tutorial without the kit. Thanks for letting us know that this might be in the works for the future.
Mary Alexander

LoriF said...

Yes, let me ditto Mary stash runneth over, and I would love some tutorials!

Jamie Lubin said...

Everything sounds wonderful Marcia! So glad you are doing exciting things and are finally enjoying your retirement! All the pictures are stunning. I've never been to any of those places so it is great to see it all through your eyes. I look forward to your earring know I love a good earring! Hope all is well with you and Mark and the family.....and especially Maya! Can't wait to see you next Fall. Let me know if you plan on being anywhere near NY. All my love!

MaryA said...

Tutorials would be wonderful

MaryA said...

Tutorials would be wonderful