Friday, September 4, 2009


I remain rather busy as I continue to ship books, ship kits, order supplies so that I can continue to ship kits and get ready for my fall schedule. I must say it's been rather nice to spend some solid time at home and in the studio. I managed this variation of the Medici Drop earrings from the book. These were for a friends birthday and Orange is definitely her color!

Yesterdays DMV trip yielded a little waiting room knitting time and I am almost finished with the first Rani wristlet. I quite like this knitting with beads and am anxious to explore more of it. Next time I would definitely cast on both wristlets at the same time as I can definitely see the possibility of SWS (Second Wristlet Syndrome).

See that little band of color marking the pattern.

These are the clever magnetic pattern markers I bought from slippedstitch studios. They come beautifully packaged and are way better then a post it note for marking your place. (Yes Lisa, you definitely need some....I've been kind enough to provide the link)

The other big happening has been work on 'The Beading By The Bay' website. Look for it to be launched sometime next week. Next March 12-14 2010, Jean Campbell, Maggie Meister and Me....will be bringing you some stellar new projects in a 3 day event on San Francisco Bay. I've teased you with this a little bit before, but Mark has been busy getting the website ready and after the upcoming long weekend vacation, we should be ready to unveil the result and I think you'll love it!

And a quick Pup update, our darling little Maya had been feeling poorly and although there is still not a definite diagnosis, new medication has definitely improved her well being and we're pretty darn grateful for that. Could she be any darn cuter?

And now, there's beading to be done!


Lisa said...

You're the only person I trust to vicariously spend my money. Found the CZ drops -- in 8 colors of course -- and am looking forward to a weekend of earring beading. But first, I'm off to buy my lace knitting ruler! XXOOXX

flyingbeader said...

LOVE those earrings. Those are my favorite colors. Prayers for Maya. Hope she feels better. My oldest Scottie has decided she likes the cooler weather here & right now enjoying barking at the rabbits in the field.

The bad Liz said...

Glad to hear that Maya is doing better on meds!