Sunday, September 6, 2009


We spent the weekend in Santa Cruz attending a lovely wedding, visiting with friends and family. On our way back to San Diego we're spending a couple of days in Santa Barbara. Two days of luxury and relaxation, which we are looking forward to.

Today I fit in a bit of beading and developed a new element to the diamond and ellipse series...I'm now calling it a 'series' since I continue to play with the possibilities...'series' has a nice ring to it and helps me to justify the endless fascination I am having with the shape. I'll take pictures soon, it's rather pretty, all gold and silver and sapphire blue....lovely....and had I remembered my camera's memory stick I'd share (I'm quite short on memory these days, camera and otherwise) , but as it turns out I believe it was left in the computer at home, so you'll need to wait a bit more.

In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure as we contemplate our approaching landscape project, we're looking through photos from Balboa Park in San Diego. A water feature is a definite consideration.

And these are quite beautiful.

Next post, Santa Barbara!

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Katie said...

Love the fountains - enjoy your time in Santa Barbara!