Friday, March 2, 2012

Does this constitute metal work?

Despite last weeks friendly banter when Tracy taunted me with the Bad Liz going over to the dark side of metal....I do really love those wired arts girls and their metal work. And I admire the girls and guys who can seamlessly play in both worlds. For whatever reason I am more comfortable in my seed bead medium. I often think there will be a day when deadlines don't compete for my time, that I would like to explore metal more. And perhaps then Tracy and Janice will forgive all my metal bashing banter and teach me. Of course I am anxiously awaiting their book on the subject.

Until then, I've been having some fun putting little bits of metal here and there in the seed bead work. Here is a brilliant little bead from Tierra Cast. I am loving their new metal beads which I managed to sneak into the bail of Aelia, and I have more to play with. Tierra Cast has findings, and toggles and charms and....well all sorts of things in all sorts of finishes as well, and beautifully made. I love how a touch of metal brings a different level of depth to a design. I think you'll see more of it in my work.

This is the piece I am currently in love with, but then while I was moving around odd bits on the work table last night I put together another combination that I think deserves some design attention. I've been in the design zone lately, which is good considering there is a book to write.


Nat said...

Your jewellery looks good, it's a time- consuming style. I preffer flowers felt than beads.
greetings from Poland!

Terry from Alaska said...

i took classes this last winter with Janice at Ak Bead Company for the first time and enjoyed every minute of it. I learned about all the tools and the classes I took didn't require any flame; which is important because I have limited space.
I know what you mean about crosssing over to metal. I am a dedicated seed bead artist too and the beads keep drawing me in to do this and that. It is endless possibilities!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Terry, nice to hear from another seed bead girl.

Aunt Mary said...

queen anne's lace is up for me today... it's a weekend project right. :)

Marcia DeCoster said...

Actually Aunt Mary it is totally doable in a weekend!

Aunt Mary said...

easy peasy. love it! ready to join. i made 9 because i measure 7-1/2
aaah crystal against the matte

Marcia DeCoster said...

Yep, matte and crystal, love it! Have fun, lot's of sparkle in that one.

Ingrid said...

Can't wait to see the entire piece, the colour combination and the metal part is just brilliant ! love it. That's funny because I just bought a book to make metal findings, I haven't tried yet, I need time to buy the material and to organize a work area. Next I also want to try bead embroidery, I signed up for a class next month. I wish I had more time !
Have a nice Sunday !