Friday, March 16, 2012

Joyful Shawl

On our drive home through LA I suggested a lunch stop at Lake Forest Blvd.....the timing was right, but I may not have mentioned that there was also a yarn store at that exit. The Yarn Lady, a very well stocked yarn store just happened to be right at the intersection where we stopped.

They have moved in the past few years and the new locations has both a nearby Hobby store and a coffee shop, both good for eliciting a husbands patience with yarn shopping.

I've been wanting a pretty rectangular shawl and one that would be fun to knit, but wouldn't engage my brain more then necessary (I have the Aran baby cardigan for that kind of knitting) This one is called Joyful Shawl by Laura Rosenbaum and comes in a kit offered by the Yarn Lady. It was inexpensive, included the beautiful hot pink mohair, the colorful Joy yarn and directions. There is a small ruffle at either end.

I love the color

I'm sure it will be the perfect summer accessory with all white or all black clothes and that beautiful pop of color. On size 10 needles it is bound to be a quick knit.

I'm fully recovered from the migraine episode, have cleaned the house, and am ready to dig into the list of things awaiting my attention.


Helen said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better now Marcia....and I love your new knitting project.

Caren said...

Hi Marcia, I subscribed to your blog because of your AMAZING beadwork. I had no idea you were a knitter too! Now I have two great reasons to follow you... Glad you are feeling better. The shawl looks sooooo soft!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Caren I was a knitter well before I beaded. Mostly baby things these days, and the occasional shawl for me.

Unknown said...

WOW I love the colors you choose. I am also glad you made it through that awful migraine! Hugs!