Saturday, March 17, 2012

Studio redo again?

Well yes, seems I am always on a quest for the best configuration....and at the moment, storage, book shelves and the right classroom environment are all on the list.

I recently put two unmatched tables end to end in the studio and I really like the way it worked, but unmatched.....I am a bit of perfectionist about my aesthetics, so I went on a quest for the right dimensions, design and price point. The jury is still out as I have 6 black chairs but I'm not entirely sure I want to go with black tables......and I want to sit 12 to 14 comfortably, so do I really want to buy 14 chairs.....but I have wanted to upgrade to more comfortable chairs then what I currently have....decisions, decisions.

But for starters we are going to move everything tomorrow and steam clean the carpets, then a trip to IKEA and hopefully the best solution will present itself.

Next up is some more shelving for the slat wall, to house more crystals and seeds. The studio is always a work in progress, and since it is my daily environment I think the effort is worthwhile.

Photos once decisions have been made. I have company arriving this week. So will the studio redo fit into the schedule? We'll see. I'll keep you posted.


Francesca Watson said...

I love your slat wall - can you recommend a source? I found several similar things at retail suppliers online, but wasn't sure they were really similar to what you have.

Marcia DeCoster said...

I bought mine at Farkas which is a local (San Diego) fixture store.

Tia Dalma said...

I love seeing the photos whenver you redo your studio space! It's such an amamzing space and I just love droling over that wall of seed beads and crystals! Can't wait to follow along with this renovation!

Unknown said...

Oh now I am jealous I do not have a Ikea near me so I am really looking forward to seeing what the results are!