Sunday, June 3, 2012

and I'm off

Well at 4:45 a.m. I'll be off....flying Southwest, through Las Vegas and onto Milwaukee arriving mid afternoon to begin the adventure that is Bead and Button.

I taught for them once in the 2000 ish time frame and then due to corporate job constraints I didn't apply again until 2003 and I was rejected and I applied in 2004 and was rejected and applying for 2005 was really really hard....and I was accepted.

And I've taught ever since.  I love teaching, I love the classroom and sharing the passion for beads and I love seeing all the folks that I only see once or maybe twice a year if I'm really lucky.

I've seen Liz once already this year, and again this week.  I saw the German girls in October of last year and again this week.  I manage to keep in touch with Gabriella multiple times a year and again this week.  I'll see Pat, who I usually manage to see in October as well.   And any number of folks who come to my classroom each year, all of whom I've grown really fond of.  And I'll see vendors I adore, and Debi and Lisa and the Wired Arts Girls of course, and all of the Swarovski ambassadors....

It's a magical week really.  I'm traveling with the iPad, the camera equipped iPad so I hope to share some moments with you. I'm meeting with Sonoko, and I'm taking my book for her to sign, and my Making Wire & Bead Jewelry for Janice and Tracy to sign.  I would like to travel with all my books, but I suspect my luggage is already in the overweight category.

I'll do my best to honor requests if you have one.  A favorite bead teacher I can catch for you, a bead dreams you'd like to see, your favorite vendor?  No guarantees, but if it's possible I'll work it out.

and I'm off!


Helen said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time Marcia. I'm looking forward to your blogs while you're away.

Karen said...

I'm disappointed I'm not going to B &B this year, see you in October in Georgia.