Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've returned full time to finishing up the book. Beaded Opulence had a focus on right angle weave, so the fundamental chapter focused on one stitch. This one has netting and brick and peyote and chevron and St. Petersburg and Ndebele and diamond lace and spiral and....well way more. But they are fun illustrations to do. Pretty beads, easy thread path, the kind of illustration I'm finally pretty accomplished with. So this part has been fun. I've metered out the days and it just may be that I'm done early. Last book I turned in one week before the deadline and I may manage with this one as well. Funny how we tend to take up all the allotted time working until the last minute. I did miss one intermediate deadline this time, but in general I made up for it, delivering the past due and the current all by the next deadline. I remember a boss who taught me 'it's all in the recovery' and I've never forgotten it. I'm feeling so confident that I'll be taking a day off tomorrow to cavort with friends, knit, and possibly visit a favorite retail shop for a look at their eclectic planters. The veranda could use a little update. It's been cold so far this year. It seems that 69 should not be cold, but with a breeze and a cloudy sky, 69 is not balmy enough to enjoy the verandah in the evening, although I did enjoy a hot tub!

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