Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swarovski Elements

Such pretties!  The new Swarovski Elements mesh ball comes with or without jumping.  I think I'll be using these for another pair of earrings.!  The large pearl will be surrounded by smaller pearls or perhaps some crystal bi-cones and the mesh ball will dangle from a fine gun metal chain. 

Or perhaps I'll use the oval cosmic rings.....or both, maybe two pairs of earrings.  In the meantime this tray is stored in front of my keyboard, invoking all of the lovely possibilities while I continue to write.  

My intention is to be complete with my current commitments by Sunday of this week at which point the following three weeks are going to be all play, all of the time.  There will be bead play of course, and shopping and visiting with friends and bead play and travel with Mark and bead play.  I tend to be at my most creative when I step out of routines, so I have high hopes for this three week break from writing.

When do your best ideas show up?  Last week I blogged a that just came out of nowhere.   I wasn't planning a new design I was trying to simplify an existing one. A bit of play, pinching and folding and stitching and an entirely new component showed up.  It's one that is easily doable, but not boring, has the possibility of changing up the bead types to keep things fresh, and can probably be worn home by most folks in a 6 hour class, or at the least easily completed with a couple of more hours.     It can morph in to a beautiful choker and earrings would be classic.  

And a bit of cubic raw play promises a second new design. It just needs a little more time to finesse the finishing details.

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Sarah Sequins said...

Yay, bead play! You've been working so hard on the book -- you deserve it. :)

I'm at my most creative when I step out of routines, too. Back when I was writing tons of fiction and traveling a lot, I did my best work in hotel lobbies.