Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beads in Motion Errata

I so wish I wasn't writing that title, but it does happen and I think it's better to let you know than not....I have found a couple of errors in Beads in Motion.

Funny in knitting books it's expected, in fact before you start any pattern you search to see if there is errata......I don't judge and I don't feel bad about it, I'm just happy to have the information, so that is how I am going to look upon it!

I will put a page on my website and I have let the publisher know so that future reprints can be corrected.

In the meantime, if you are making Rings of Saturn please note  the following.  Most of you would bead it correctly based on the illustrations, but for those of you who look at the words and the illustrations, I don't want you to spend anytime wondering why if you pick up 8 beads you would have a total of 10!

Rings of Saturn

P. 116 Round 3 Should say for a total of 8 D beads not 10.  The illustration is correct.

For Spin City the supply list seems to have suffered a bit in numbers.  I'm expecting most of you would not be limited to exactly 1 gram of a bead, but I do want you to know that you'll need 5 grams of the bronze size 11 bead that makes up the shaped pendant and that the rondelle that sits at the center is actually 8mm not 18.  

Spin City

P. 76 Bronze Size 11 Beads should be 5 g not 1g
P. 76 Purple Haze crystal Rondelle should be 8mm not 18mm

Thanks to the folks who graciously pointed out the errors, I am glad to have them brought to my attention.


H.T. said...

It happens so often,that after having the book published,lots of mistakes can be discovered.Making a thing-I've learned mostly to read the enclosed photos,or drawings.I rarely use the descriptions,as they make me more confused,than trying to 'guess' the technique of a given pattern.Here,possibly the size of beads matter,but as there are no-I guess-beads size '18',so it would be rather easy to know,that the size'8' should be mentioned.
All i all-when You insert the detailed errata here,in Your Blog-I'll print it and put into the book:-)
Thank You very much for today's post.
Best Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

LUCY said...

Guauuuuuuuuu....que trabajos tan hermosos....gracias por compartir el esquema de los pendientes....admiro la creatividad que usted tiene....es impresionante....es elegante y laborioso....Felicidades...