Saturday, August 24, 2013


Seattle's trip included a ferry trip to the Church Mouse over on Bainbridge Island. The store was totally charming with a great selection of yarn, beautiful samples and many temptations. I bought a book on knitting for men with a great pattern for a vee neck cardigan that Mark prefers. I call it his Mister Rogers sweater, and it's a winter staple of his wardrobe so I think I should make him one.
A second yarn store, So Much Yarn yielded a circle vest that I fell in love with and of course had to immediately cast on. The start was quite fussy with 8 stitches split between 4 double-pointed needles and joined into a circle. The yarn I chose had slightly less striping then this one so the target look is reduced.

Here is just a few rows short of the back after which I bind off and then recast on to create the arm holes and then change up a needle size and begin the lace pattern. So far it's been a fun knit and I look forward to wearing it.

We flew home from Seattle which was an excellent trip including teaching at Fusion, visiting Seattle friends, three days of city wandering (I mean yarn shopping) eating the best seafood and enjoying the 22nd story view of Puget Sound.

We also fit in a visit to the Chihuly museum which I visited last year, but a second trip was completely worthwhile. Photographers wander around asking to take your photo for free. They hand you a card with a barcode which you then scan at one of the kiosks and email the photo to yourself. Pretty high tech.

We are now in Santa Fe for a nephews wedding. Last nights reception was a chance to catch up with family.
Niece Amy who was once the baby of the family is all grown up and lovely.

Today we will have a stroll around the galleries on Canyon Road before this evenings wedding at the beautiful La Posada resort. It presented the perfect opportunity to purchase a wonderful new artistic jacket by Lee Andersen (and it's not black!)
Next week will be heavy kit prep and readiness for my next adventure on an Alaskan cruise!


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

lesli mulligan said...

Sounds great and I love the yarn,just curious why 4needles and how do you manage it. Looks stunning!

Bizzy B said...

I would love to visit the Churchmice. I'm now working on their pattern, Modern Wrapper. It looks like such a great store.

Bizzy B said...

I would love to visit the Churchmice. I'm now working on their pattern, Modern Wrapper. It looks like such a great store.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Lesli, since it starts in the round there is no way to manage a circle of stitches without dp's except maybe with 2 circulars of the same size which I didn't happen to have, and yes it was fussy!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Bizzy B, it was a wonderful store!