Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bead Travels

I was able to get some crisp fall air in my travels to Beads by Blanche this weekend.  Three days of classes, dunkin donuts, hot pastrami and a walk through the fall foliage.  Below a beautiful yellow ginkgo tree.

One of the weekend's projects was Quattro Cupole.   This was the class debut and there were many excellent versions.  This one, I believe belonged to Joan and used a crystal blue metallic fancy stone.  Blanche had a nice supply of this stone, some of them like this one no longer available.

Of course if you have only one pretty stone, then a ring is a great option!  I set this one on the diagonal which I quite like.

 One of the things travel affords is some uninterrupted time beading on planes.  I put together this palette to create a second Santa Lucia for Beading by the Bay.  I did manage a little more then half the necklace before running out of crystals.  They are on order, so I will sorting out a third palette to take with me to Japan.

Off in the morning, landing Thursday evening in Japan.  My friend Pat, who you may know as my long time Meet the Teachers helper at Bead and Button is joining me.  First up is the Japanese Bead Show in Yokohama, followed by four days of teaching, two in Nagoya.  We'll meet up with Sonoko and on Thursday we'll visit one of the Japanese seed bead factories in Hiroshima.  


The bad Liz said...

I hope that the two of you have a great trip. Just think of me back in Detroit being very jealous!

Beverly Herman said...

Have a great time Marcia. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures in Japan.

Suzan said...

I have just discovered you!! Your pieces are lovely!! Interesting that you beaded on the plane!! Beware of air pockets :-}}} Have you ever made flowers - say 3"-4" single beaded flowers that can be worn on your lapel? Or have a pattern for single roses? Have a wonderful time in Japan!!