Saturday, November 2, 2013


Where does creativity come from?  I still often ponder this question.  I only know that I have always had a strong sense to create, to make something where nothing existed before.  PlayDoh was probably my first medium.  In my young childhood I built forts with branches and leaves and I decorated the insides.  I was more of a tomboy then and woods were more plentiful.

At ten a neighbor showed me how to knit and from then on my hands have never stopped.  I've done ceramics, candle making, macrame, embroidery, quilting, sewing, crochet, felting and beads.

I came home from Europe on Monday thinking I would take a couple of days off, but my hands it seems had other ideas.  I have been beading everyday.  Taking in the way it soothes me.  

After finishing La Navette in Petra's new color way I realized that I did not have the appropriate earrings.  I wanted something large and dramatic and a vintage silver, with sparkle of course.

I have this same pair in gold and I wear them a lot so I decided rather then create a new design I would bead up a pair in dark silver.  I used 2 mm light metallic gold between the spines so the sparkle factor is definitely there.  I'd say they met the dramatic criteria as well.

Earring like this compete too much to wear a necklace, but a bracelet is perfect.  

I'm off to visit some friends today and then I must begin preparations for my next set of travels.

First to Blanche's in New Jersey, followed by the arrival of my friend Pat who will accompany me to Japan.  Pssstt......if you live near Bergenfield New Jersey I will be there next weekend, November 7, 8 and 9.  And if you're signed up for Pacific Morning Glory I have so many variations to share with you. The original bracelet is reversible and a beautiful project, but you can also make it into a necklace, a ring or these earrings!

Martina, who assisted me in class in Germany designed a necklace which I unfortunately cannot come across a photo of.  Claudia who took the class beaded this with Martina's design inspiration.

And Pat who will assist me in Japan did it this way.

Or you might do it this way

So many possibilities and I will be sharing them all!

Oh and La Navette and Quattro Cupole.  Since this is the first time for Quattro Cupole and the second for La Navette it is always fun to see what colors show up.  Hint, Martina did a black and rose gold Pacific Morning Glory that was stunning.  My only defense in not having photos is that I was at the end of a long teaching trip and my reflexes were a little compromised.  

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