Monday, December 2, 2013

Beading by the Bay

I'm in beading mode and this weeks projects include the third Santa Lucia.  I was asked if I always match my project to my beading board.  The answer is if I can, yes.  I have a variety to choose from so the odds are good that I will have one that coordinates.

This color way with large purple pearls, light grey smaller pearls and Tanzanite crystals is designed to appeal to those who prefer silver tones to the bronze or vintage gold used in the first two.  I am so enamored with this design that it is possible I may go on to create one more variation.  I'm thinking perhaps my beloved platinum pearl with a chrysolite opal or since I happen to have a fuchsia fancy stone on hand, maybe fuchsia.

Off to see what other colors this stone comes in….It may be that I need to order a few more samples!

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LOL You're killing me....