Monday, December 2, 2013

Webstore is now open!

Between travel, and the need to change out shopping carts, you may have noticed the online store has been unavailable.

Well we finally got a bit of time this past weekend and we've now switched at least some of the inventory over to the new paypal shopping cart.

International orders can now be placed without having to wait for an invoice, and…..I've released Aelia, one of my all time favorite pendants.

The reverse side is a large czech glass button making the pendant fully reversible.  The right angle weave bezel is easily accomplished and the medallion is also a fairly quick bead.  A layered beaded bead creates the perfect bail.  This one is soft and romantic, but there is also a dramatic black and dark silver as well as an opulent metallic blue.  This is one of those pieces I wear often!

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dancingdog said...

Hi Marcia, I made Aelia in this color way and get multiple compliments every time I wear it! See you in the fall if not sooner. Judy Deshaies