Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Visual Planning, a year in beads!

I'm on a mission today to get the studio in order and ready for next year.  First up was a date with the calendar, having a look at the years engagements.

Next I created a visual plan by hanging the samples for each engagement together.   Here for example is Bead and Button.

Each project is grouped and I now visually know that I need a third Touch of Whimsy on the left, two more bird cuffs and a third sundial pendant.  Then I will work on supply lists for each in for a few directions still need to be fine tuned.  Each project/color gets a drawer to store the supply list and supplies, ready to be kitted.

 This is Beading by the Bay and the Bead Cruise.  One more Santa Lucia is in the works in Grey and Tanzanite.

There is a third board with some non essential kits, things I am not teaching but would be nice to provide kits for.

What organizational tools to you use to keep your beading world organized?


Unknown said...

That's an awesome idea! I keep a folder of pictures in my Picasa album for projects that I'm currently teaching, but there's nothing like having the piece right in front of you. I love your variety of colorways!

Rita said...

Love the way you did that. I wish I was so organized! I need to spend time getting things organized again. Hopefully I can get that done soon!