Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Evolution of a Design

I started out with an idea that just sort of demanded it be tried out immediately….and it worked how I envisioned it.  It's funny because I was total exhausted, on a plane and yet, my idea could not be denied.

It was cute….but where was it going?  I thought of several bands made into a bracelet….but as I continued on, a circle of sprockets seemed obvious.

and of course the tips needed adornment, and then there was the open center, perhaps a rivoli would be good?  Isn't' a rivoli always good, and what about a rivioli on each side, a different one?  Reversible?

And embellishment of course…..and then since it was already pretty ornate, maybe just a simple bail and ribbon, yes!  And I like it ok, but…..the colors were a little uninspired.  Mostly because I carried on with the original idea and at the time the pewter and blue seed beads were the only two beads I had with me. So…..

A little color was in order…and what about an 0 bead at the tip?

I started over with bright vibrant color, lots of it.  I decided that I needed to drop a pendant from the bottom, changing it from round to elongated, an element I quite like.  Oh wait, that bottom bit, that looks like the perfect earring.

But first, what about a different palette?  Different tips? 

Spikes and Melons?  And then….well I thought I put a sprocket in every other cube, but I didn't get up from the beading chair to confirm, until I realized that every other would be 12 sprockets, not 8 and I like it, a lot.  I changed up every other tip and added 0 beads to the face of the cubes, because I just love those little chalk white matte labrador O beads.

And then I just had to try out the earrings.  What looks fairly simple has a few hidden tricks to shape and join them.

And there you have the evolution of design or my convoluted process.  I think this one will get written as a bunch of options.  You choose your sprocket length, tip, number of sprockets and you put together your own…..Sort of a process/project class combined.  I'm a tad bit excited about this one!

It's debut will be at Beads by Blanche in November!


Rita said...

Wonderful how you can just sit and start designing something! The shapes and colors are beautiful!

LoriF said...

I love it! The brights just rock.

Becky Pancake said...

Oh Marcia I love it. Thanx for showing the evolution of this piece. I enjoy seeing the process that others use.