Thursday, July 31, 2014

Romantica Re-visited

I've been wanting to make a new Romantica for some time now.  Fist of all it's a relatively simple bead, and second I get to change up that sweet little medallion.  With the advent of all the new bead shapes at our disposal, I am able to use the same thread path and get different results.

Here is one I did form myself using some half tilas, long megatamas and the new Swarovski raindrop pendant.  I won't' be kitting this one, as the key came from a pottery barn gift wrap and I used the large elliptical disc instead of the cosmic ring.

Here is the one currently available in golds and pacific opal.  The encrusted filigree ball informed the palette on this one.

Halfway through the medallion making for the next Romantica I just had to stop and make these.  The crystal was a gift and is violet opal and medium vitral….very pretty.

The medallions take advantage of the long rizo bead to form the center.   Lot's of thread passes insure they stay in place.

I love the new Swarovski spike and the new patina's so coming together in one piece is perfect for me!  One new pair of earrings, and 5 more medallions on their way to becoming the next Romantica.  All beautiful silvers and opaque whites.


Unknown said...

Unglaublich! Einfach nur schön!!!

Rita said...

Love the new colors and shapes! I love what you did with that key! Those earrings are so pretty!

Sol said...

Oh, earrings are amazing :)