Thursday, July 3, 2014

A few new kits!

A number of my projects are still being actively taught which means they stay exclusive to the teaching circuit for the time being, but a few have ended up on the teaching retirement list, which means good news for those of you waiting for some new designs!

Being released are Vienna

The Cassandra Bracelet

The Sundial Pendant

 A new design, the Spirit Flight Ring

I still have a significant travel and teaching schedule, so I have limited quantities and I don't know when they'll be replenished, but if you've been waiting, I wouldn't wait too long!

I'm home (mostly, with one trip to Creative Castle) until August 5th when I leave for Europe, followed by Alaska, Milwaukee, New Hampshire, Texas, New Jersey, Florida and Georgia!  Whew… year will not be so much of a whirlwind, and there will be more kits in the store!


Katarzyna said...

Marcia, tworzysz piękną biżuterię :)

Rita said...

I was waiting for a few more kits! :)

Rita said...
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