Monday, June 30, 2014

Feeling colorful

I do tend to swing back and forth on the color pendulum, although mostly I go for the muted matte metallics, the other side of that equation sometimes shows up.

Party Girl, a collaboration with the Dallas Bead Society, featuring Heather Trimlett glass.

Do you see a connection?

Here is the Pat version of Dream Keeper Vessel Rings, named after friend Pat whose go to colors are Aqua and Gold

Ringlets, I've discontinued the kit, but  it could make a reappearance one of these days….it so so fun and colorful!

I admit that I struggle more with the brights, getting the proportion and values of the different colors seems harder to me…..but my newest design 'sprightly sprockets' really called out out for color.  It's a whimsical piece and in my book at least whimsy equates to color.

A Touch of Whimsy

These beautiful ultra rivolis will be the perfect addition to this whimsical, colorful design.

Although having said that I may give it a go with some beautiful golds or bronzes….At the moment I am in love with these 'sprockets'  So much opportunity for embellishment, and a cool little shape.  This one will turn into a pendant, but I'm anxious to do up some earrings, maybe a bracelet, incorporate some mini spikes, maybe some pearls…..I think this design may keep me busy for a bit.

Also on the design front, I finished my Beading by the Bay piece yesterday and I am totally in love with it.  Seems like  you always want that outcome, I do of course, but in the end some designs resonate more than others, this one, it resonates beautifully!  Reveal coming soon…..


Unknown said...

Fantastische Farben!!! Toll!!!

Rita said...

Wow, such colorful pieces!

Lori Anderson said...

Absolutely stunning!