Wednesday, June 11, 2014

and in non bead news

In May in the midst of Bead and Button Preparations, we took a twelve day trip in the airstream to attend our son's wedding and wait for our grand daughters birth.  Both were momentous occasions…..

and here is Layla Joy, born May 20th.  We were lucky enough to arrive at the hospital just as she was being born and I held her when she was about twenty minutes old.  I also got to witness her sister Malayna meeting her for the first time….a magical moment for sure!


vicki said...

3 comments in one:
A beautiful new granddaughter!

I started following your blog when big sis was just barely a toddler. Now she looks like she is so mature. (Nothing like watching children grow to make time fly.)

I noticed a good bit of your knitting there. How lucky those girls are!

Rita said...

The new addition to the family is such a doll. Malayna looks like she going to be a wonderful sister!