Thursday, June 12, 2014

It seems I've turned to whimsy

It's a bit of a design aesthetic departure for me to go all 'cute' but somehow that's what showed up when I began beading this little piece. 

To be fair the inspiration was whimsical…..a birdcage.  This is an image from a fabric designed by Tina Givens.  I've been carrying it around for along time now with this idea in mind.

I love the new raindrop Swarovski crystal and the tiny tiny wire wraps.  There is also a hidden surprise when you open the top which slides up and down on a CRAW strap.

At Bead and Button I came across these batik ribbons from Jennifer of Urban Raku.  I loved the colors and picked some seed beads to go with them for a new project.

I also did my fair share at Maku Raku, and bought a pretty clasp from Kim at Handfast Designs, and some intriguing chain.

A couple of druzzy's from  Gary Wilson….and a vase from Stuart Abelman which I will show you when I manage to put some flowers in it.

I'm off again, this time on vacation to New York City with grand daughter Sam who graduates from High School tomorrow.  Can't wait to show her around one of my favorite cities! Before New York we'll attend the graduation and leave time for hugging grand babies Malayna and Layla.


cjvierow said...

Very nice treasures!

Honey from the Bee said...

Oh love your whimsical birdhouse inspired piece! I'm very into whimsical. :-) Love your purchases, too. I've got I think 5 Maku pieces that I'm still waiting for the moment to strike.

Safe and very fun travels to NY!

MaryL said...

Love the birdhouse!

Rita said...

Your birdcage piece looks just like the fabric, so cute! You bought lots of wonderful things!