Thursday, June 19, 2014


Earlier this year I filmed a video in the Interweave studios. It's been available for a while now and I must say I am happy with it. I think the Interweave team does a great job. Audio and close up beading shots are very clear making it quite easy to see what is going on.


Initially we had scheduled only RAW instruction but I stepped out some CRAW fundamentals in the event we had time and we did. If you have been struggling with CRAW this may be helpful to you. I go over starting, counting cubes, turning corners, making a join and doing multiple rows.

The video is available for download or on DVD and comes with accompanying illustrations. do be clear though, there are no project instructions, this is a process or skill set video of a project video. having said that you will gain the skills to tackle most any CRAW or RAW project you come across.


The video can be purchased here.


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