Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Despite the 4:30 a.m. start I had successful plane beading. I carry all of my tools in my JudiPatuti tool tote (she calls them thread catchers but what does she know?) that and a bead mat and I'm good to go.

Today I finished sprightly sprockets!
I'm enamored with the playful colors and all around playfulness of the piece. It's about 2 3/4 inches in circumference and almost 3/4 inch thick so it's a substantial piece.
Lately a lot of my designs don't have a lot of room for changing them up but with the sprightlies I see a whole host of design changes that could be incorporated. For example the two sides of the sprocket circle are done differently, the length of the sprockets can be short or long or alternated, the number of sprockets could be different and I think they will offer an excellent place to play with color. The tips can be embellished with 3 or 4 mm crystals or fire polish or pearls or perhaps baby spikes. The corners could be accented with color or with three bead picots or both.
I can't wait to do a white one with hot pinks and oranges or turquoise and lime or.....or a black one, or a gold one with emerald and fuchsia and sapphire, well you get the idea, this is how it goes when I get excited. Or a cream one with vintage gold pearls and the permanent finish champagne beads, but for now I will be content with this one, and begin the second color for my Beading on the Bay piece, which remains under wraps (sort of, if you were paying attention you may have seen it, and if you were at bead and button, I may have worn it.). I call it test marketing. I like to see how people respond without actually posting about it.

I am enjoying playing in New York, something I hardly ever get to do for more then a day. It's been full of good food and lots of walking and shopping so far. That and enjoying the company of our grand daughter Sam and seeing the city through her eyes. She is certainly enjoying the people watching.

She insists she will get up in time to go with me to the Alexis Bittar sample sale at 8:30 a.m. Tomorrow, we shall see.



Debra said...

I so love the colors you are using for the sprockets! And would love to go to the Alexis Bittar sample sale too! I hope you find something fabulous. :)

Rita said...

New York, lucky you! I like the sprockets, looks like a fun piece to make and wear. I can see that in so many different colors!

Unknown said...

Deine Werke sind einmalig. Toll!!!