Monday, November 24, 2014

Bead and Button 2015

The online and in print catalogs start arriving mid December for us to see all the beautiful class offerings.  I know for many of us the ability to go is a dream not easily obtainable.  For others who save for many months to be able to attend and use precious vacation time, it's a highlight.  I wish I had a magic wand so that everyone who wanted to experience the show could, but alas I do not.

I do know that 2015 will mark my tenth year of teaching there and I love being immersed in so many beads, so many beautiful pieces of beaded art, so many beady people and I love the chance to be surrounded by dear friends some of whom I only get to see this one time a year.

Like the rest of my bead life I have also scaled back the number of days I will teach at Bead and Button and to that end I have offered all brand new classes so that people that I've been fortunate enough to have in class year over year will have good choices.

First up is Tuesday, and I'll be teaching Sprockets!  Man how I love sprockets, a truly fun project to make, and totally wearable, on either of it's reversible sides.  I will have these three colors at a minimum!  It's a lot of beading though, so I've offered it in the slightly longer workshop format.

Tomorrow I'll share with you the current Santa Lucia choices and then we'll see what happens with the sprocket earrings!  You will notice if you are paying attention that the sprocket earring is the bottom of the sprocket pendant, so you wouldn't want to take both.  Sprocket earrings will be a 3 hour class on Wedneday before Meet the Teachers which may fit nicely into your schedule.  It's a bit of shaped beadwork with a sprocket on the tip just for fun.  I haven't created all the color ways yet, but these three will probably make the list and a couple of others if I'm productive.

Psst….I've also limited the number of students I take from 20 to 16.  Since I lost my assistant the Bad Liz to her own well deserved teaching career I've decided to make things a tad easier on myself.  Having said that I do have some excellent help lined up as I like to make sure to have an assistant in the classroom making sure that everyone gets what they need.  And…..there is a rumor that Liz may return to help a bit on her day off!  Last year I tried to steer her in the direction of embracing her own teacherhood, this year I said I'd love to have you if you're available.  Cuz pretty much I miss her and I bet you do to!


Barbara said...

I would love to win this gracious gift!

Barbara said...
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Beading Grandma in St. Louis said...

I enjoy doing right angle weave, doing embellishments and just generally "playing" with the stitch. However, I have yet to master, or enjoy, doing cubic right angle weave. I will though - - just mind over matter, I'm sure.

I would love to win your video - I'm sure things would 'click' and I would be successfully.

Thank you for your offer Marcia to win the video !!

Beverly Herman said...

Man how I love your Sprocket Pendants! The green one is my favorite.

Marbos said...

They are all beautiful, but the coral one is my favorite.

Ioana said...

I am very happy you're back!
I live in France and I would be very happy if you would release some kits again, including the sprockets, but also romantica, aurelia, aelia... and the touch of whimsy, of course.
I already have your dvd, the digital download works perfectly, and I have already watched it several times. All my friends find your jewelry gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing with us!!

Ioana said...
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Ioana said...
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The bad Liz said...

I've heard that same rumor about Liz so it must be true.