Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beading for the home

My main beading has always been jewelry as I love personal adornment and it was my impetus to begin beading in the early 90's.   But lately I'd like to use those skills to bring a few personal touches to home decor.  We've been working on the bedroom and I bought new lampshades to update and freshen up the lamps we have.

When at the lamp store I was given two resin ball finials and had the thought that a Touch of Whimsy would be a fun treatment.  I also wanted to bring the silver and gold of the shade to the top.  I've finished the one and the jury is out.  I can't decide if it meets the goal of whimsical, or is just the wrong scale and looks silly.

I always get disappointed with unrealized visions….it was so perfect in my mind.  Ah well….I suspect I'll do the second and will come to appreciate them.  We shall see.

Have you beaded any home decor?  Vessels?  Wall hangings?  Finials?  Wondering how to bring a bit of beadwork to the rest of the home and not just the jewelry in the studio.  This was my last foray, although hardly a noticeable statement.

On the other had I am loving the dark grey wall behind the bed and the new lampshades add a touch of modern.


Honey from the Bee said...

It's hard to tell on the scale from your photo in relation to bed, table... but I'm thinking sit on it, as the shape is great and love the color. Definitely fits whimsical.

cherig said...

Oh, yes. Although the finial could be larger.

Judi Dean said...

I fist came across my LBS when i decided i wanted to bead my dining room chandelier ....I introduced myself to the gal and told her what i wanted and she asked me what did i have in mind...clear glass beads in several sizes...some different shapes...needed glass rossettes....i came away with a bag full of beads, a spool of fireline and a needle....the chandelier is still hanging in our dining room and i worked for that LBS for 4 years before they sadly closed their doors....Marcia, i love the idea of your finials but, i think they should be larger...i am working on one of my Touch of Whimsy kits is the lavendar one!!! wowzer :)

Diane Whiting said...

My very first beading project was a home decor item, beaded votive candle covers. (this is where I learned RAW, but not knowing any better, I made them with super fine floral wire!)
I've since made many home decor items, including tassel headers and Christmas decorations.