Friday, November 28, 2014

How did you come to beading?

I ask because I find that most people who show up in a beading class have arrived through some other path.  Often they have cross stitched or done embroidery or otherwise have worked with needle and thread.

I've knitted, crocheted, embroidered and sewed.  Sewing is being revisited at the moment as I have a desire to make a table cloth for our newly acquired Airstream table.  I like to do fancy, just in case you missed that personality trait of mine.  When I 'camp' in the airstream I take my nespresso, I have cloth tablecloths and napkins, china coffee cups and crystal cocktail glasses.  Yes, that is my definition of camping.

Today I visited the fabric store of JudiPatuti and bought three retro and co-ordinated fabrics which will create a tablecloth for the new dining table.  My sewing skills may be rusty, but I did have them, often making my young children pants and tops sewn by me.  I spent a period of time doing freeform quilting and I love fabric.  I still own a very old, by todays standards, Bernina sewing machine.  To own todays would cost a small fortune and not one I can justify.  But the one I have will service me just fine….I hope.

So tomorrow's job is to complete the table cloth which will have one fabric on top, a different coordinating one for the piping and a third for the 3 inch stop around each side.  The 18 inch b y 24 inch table is the perfect compliment between our low swivel chairs.  Since we are about to 'retire' and embark on one our longer airstream outings we want our space to be wonderful.

We'll be parked in the redwoods of Felton, near Santa Cruz where we met and grew up our family.  It should be a wonderful adventure!  Perhaps tomorrow I can show you the table cloth I've created!


NAAN POCEN said...

Beading was as a result of me trying to embellish clothes made either by knitting/crocheting or sewing.....until I discovered that beading on its own equals jewelry. Hallelijah!!

cl said...

Hi I allways bought seed beads for the colors and they were cheap. I made some simple stringing, and one day I saw in a german magazine a necklace from "sattelite", french jeweller. It was SO expensive (I was student at the time) that I decided I ll try to copy, and then I fall in the beading, thanks to internet, which brought me some of my best beady friends and a lot of free and not free knowlegde; so I learned peyote alone, Raw alone, but the use of ndebele and spiral rope with my friends . I never stopped, learning to others , incorporating new beaders, so this way, near Paris , we have a comfy nest of beaders, meeting and often travelling together. And THIS IS WONDERFULL for the heart and for the brain ))
Christiane aka Bugs