Thursday, March 31, 2016

Going Formal

I'm working my way down the list....

I've designed a number of earrings like this pair using the Romantica element with different types of embellishments and different drops.

It's taking a tad bit longer to write them up because I am taking the time to change the colors and beads to make them specific to the actual pair and not just a generic set of directions.

So even if you are beading the exact same thread path, if you are beading this pair the illustration will show a jetab2x crystal, green seed beads and a pave drop.

and if you're beading this pair the illustration will show a black crystal and gold rizo's and a heart shaped drop.

It's a lot of extra work, but once it's done, it's done and I think it will make the pattern simpler to follow.

These are for a class I designed called Going Formal for a cruise in May.  Since there is always 1 or 2 formal nights I thought it would be fun to make some fancy pants earrings to go with our formal wear.

You may have noticed the webstore is closed right now.  We had the good fortune to have sold all of our inventory between the website and Beading by the Bay and since we are 100% focused on our next two trips in May, we haven't had the time to replenish the webstore inventory.  I'm reasonably b busy with travel and guests through mid June and then we'll try to offer some of these earrings and maybe a few other kits.  

I continue to balance having fun with a scaled back bead career.  The next two outings are a cruise and a retreat in the South of Germany.  These are going to be combined with a trip to Rome and Naples, so some work, but also a lot of good times!


kittythe1 said...

how beautiful these earrings ..
I wish I could buy kits or pattern
it would be great if you live too far from you
Congratulations to all these wonders

Brigitte said...

Very beautiful earrings! I love the colors of the first pair.
Greetings, Brigitte