Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hubble Stitch

Yesterday I told you about my first endeavors with the newly invented hubble stitch.  Once done with the cryptex, and not yet done exploring the stitch, I decided to work on a more fabric-y design.

I also wanted to change up sizes and see how the stitch reacted to creating curves.

Another great feature of the stitch is the color opportunities.  I decided to keep the arms of the hubble stitch the same color and change up the point bead down the length of the bracelet.

I loved the band and the way the sizes created the fan or 'wing' but I wanted it to have a spectacular focal as well.  Still playing with sizes to create shape, I turned to craw to make this rectangular bezel with curved sides which perfectly captures the Swarovski Kaput stone.

Forever in my mind is a story of train ride in Holland where we stopped between stations....we were assured they were working on the problem several times, but when it was clear it would not be fixed the train conductor came on the speaker and said  'the locomotie vent kaput'  With limited language even I knew what that meant.

So the name kaput makes me laugh, but it's a really really pretty stone designed for Swarovski by Jean Paul Gaultier.


Here is a second version with a volcano stone.

It turns out my naming dilemma was solved easily with this one as well, when friend Beki Haley saw the photo her first words were 'the wind beneath my wings' which struck me as the perfect name.

I'll be teaching this one in October at the Fall Foliage retreat in Connecticut.  Registration opens soon, I'll be sure to let you know when!


Amy B. said...

Giddy for this design. I can't wait to make one! I adore the centerpiece, the curves, everything about it!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Wow, these are beautiful! I think I have to go buy this Hubble Stitch book!

LoriF said...

LOL I am so with you re the name of the crystal! My husbands grandmother was Austrian, and her limited English did not allow her full reign of disgust sometimes. :-) "Kaput" was one of her favorite words.