Monday, February 15, 2010

Craft Edu

Craft Edu is a new platform for presenting instruction by a number of incredibly talented artists. It's debut is still in progress, but you'll be interested to have a look at the talented group of artists across a multitude of mediums.

Here is a slideshow of their collective work. There is also a 'stay informed' option on the slideshow so you can sign up for more information.

The group under the guidance of Donna Kato, incredible polymer artist, is also blogging. You're apt to hear from any one of the artists on any given day. The link is also in my Reading List to the right. Check back often as each new day brings an introduction of one of the artists with a slide show of some spectacular work.

There's also a Craft Edu page over on Facebook, Become a Fan and keep up with the excitement!

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HolliDe said...

Donna Kato is SUCH a wonderful artist! I used to watch her on the Carol Duvall Show and just be amazed at how amazing her work was.