Friday, February 12, 2010

the studio is clean

The studio is clean and with a clean studio comes 'design time'.

Which I guess is why the design for the Dallas Bead Society collaborative project roled around in my head during much of the night. Unfortunately, a definitive direction did not present itself. I will need to make up some samples before I decide.....

but here are the accent beads lying in wait.


kate mckinnon said...

I love a clean studio. Your bead stash is so inspiring and so deep and so wide that I think it could be paralyzing to many people. They wouldn't know how to start!

I have been thinking about your ringlets, and some of the ideas that flowered in each of our heads while we were Screwting together. I hope we have a bit of time to bead while we are Kyle Cassidying.

Glad you are home safe with a fresh slate!

JennyMack said...


I took one look at your studio space and thought, "Wow... I want to hang out there all weekend and make things!" It probably had to do with the vast array of seed bead colors on that back wall in the photo. *drool* What a great place to do work!

Nothing beats a clean workspace =)

Joann Loos said...

How did you get your studio so clean after Tucson? I'm still putting away beads LOL

Jean Hutter said...

I'll say it's clean - amazing. I can clean mine but it never stays looking good

The bad Liz said...

Your clear work space is just mesmorizing to me. I managed to clear a little corner over the weekend, but I can never keep it that way. What really clogs my space is paper. Printed patterns, inspiration from a magazine or web page - they end up everywhere on my bench. I wonder if I need a bulletin board?

Michelle said...

I'm drooling over your studio! I love my studio and have made it as bright as I can (it's in the basement) with paint, but I still need more space. Can I come hang out in your studio???? :-)
Bead Happy!